Jesse + Megan {Bellingham Backyard Wedding Photography}

A guest this evening summed up Megan & Jesse in a single observation: “I have never met a man and a woman with such identical personalities in my entire life.” Two people who are magnetic, tough, strong, sacrificial, gentle and hilarious in all the same places; yes, they are truly a unique couple. And they poured…

Jon + Bridget {Sudden Valley Dance Barn Wedding}

If there are two more sincere, gentle, all-inclusive, centered and open people on the face of this planet than Jon & Bridget, I have not met them. Strong,intelligent, creative people who have weathered much and adventured all over the world, they knew each other in high school but the sparks didn’t fly until years later when their…

The Carlsons {Hovander Park Family Photography}

“It would be so easy to forget to love this life; to just go through the motions, doing what needs to be done, as if it’s all going to last forever. And I remind myself: the life that we have right here, right now, is the BEST life there is.”
-Katrina Kenison