Trent + Kaitlin | Avalon Links Golf Course Wedding

It was a gorgeous sunny summer day for Trent & Kaitlin’s long-awaited wedding at Avalon Links Golf Course. Trent is a golf pro there – and everyone adores Trent, so the entire staff was on board to celebrate as well as keep things running smoothly. The cheerful sunflower & rose decorations highlighted the joyful atmosphere; and being Pokémon nerds, Trent & Kaitlin made sure there were plenty of Pokémon details scattered throughout the day. Best part: their wedding rings were set in a poké ball, escorted down the aisle by a squad of five burly Ring Security guards and presented to the best man with full flourish. It was brilliant!

“It’s me and you – I know it’s my destiny.”

Congratulations on the start of your epic destiny, you two!!

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