Jasper + Emma | Lake Crescent Elopement

After years of growing together as a family – and several wedding re-iterations due to Covid – Jasper & Emma finally decided that their big day was going to be a private, intimate one. With only Jasper’s daughter Lailiya and a friend to officiate, they took a weekend in a charming vrbo and trekked out to their favorite spot: Lake Crescent. This beautiful lake holds decades of memories for them, and it was really only fitting that their purpose-driven elopement would take place on its shores. I was beyond honored to capture their emotional vows, and our hike up to the waterfall afterwards was something straight out of a fantasy book. On par with the rest of the day, ending their evening in a magical, twinkle-lighted backyard with a private post-twilight “first dance” was an incredible way to top off this unique, deeply personal and absolutely perfect day.

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