Jeremy + Amber | Whatcom Falls Forest Elopement

Whatcom Falls is becoming a destination elopement location! This is the second ceremony this summer I’ve had the honor of photographing (check out the other here) who has flown in from out of state to start their married lives next to a waterfall within the canopy of this gorgeous forest. Jeremy and Amber chose Whatcom Falls for its iconic PNW forested beauty, and it did not disappoint. Their ceremony location was nestled in a small grove of trees in a secluded outcropping just to the right of the falls, and felt like something straight out of a mystical elvish fantasy story. After partaking in an ancient (unphotographed) water ceremony to unify themselves with the surrounding nature and each other, Jeremy and Amber proceeded to pledge themselves to one another in a beautiful, emotional private ceremony. These two are such a perfect fit it’s like a glove; an exquisite, spiritually entwined match. The way they look at each other and just become blissfully lost in their own love is simply incomparable. I am inspired by the depth of their affection!

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  1. Jeremy Wysocki says:

    Thank you Karlyn for these beyond Amazing and magical pictures that truly captured us and the nature around us! Perfection! Also, thank you for being so accommodating to our last minute changes. You were a treasure to work with!

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