Merrill + Amy {The Creek at Clayton Meadows Wedding Photography}

My favorite part of this wedding wasn’t the gorgeous, rustic chic burlap & lace decor; or all the painstakingly handmade details everywhere you looked; or the wood fired pizzas handmade by the groom’s friends as guests watched; or even how utterly, completely, captivatingly in love Amy & Merrill obviously are. My favorite part of this…

Israel + Rachel {Windows on the Bay Wedding Photography}

Israel, Rachel and Lina became a family today – and it was an amazing day. Surrounded by proud friends & family, this amazing couple stood together and vowed to stand together forever. The day was gorgeous, the decorations were breathtaking, the love was palpable. From beginning to end, this wedding was one for the books.

Zach + Brittany {Hotel Bellweather Wedding Photography}

What an amazing day, with an amazing couple. First of all, thunderstorms the night before got all the bad weather out of the way so we had gorgeous clear skies the morning of Zach & Brittany’s wedding. In her breathtaking mermaid dress, Brittany stole the show; she and Zach giggled all day like adorable lovebirds….