Russell + Cassandra | Whatcom Falls Adventure Wedding

I’ve had the privilege of photographing all kinds of weddings for 17 years now, and in all of that time I’ve never been a part of an experience like what Russ & Cass put together. They flew in from Colorado for a PNW adventure wedding on top of a waterfall, and because Russell has always wanted to get married on a pirate ship. (OK, so they didn’t exactly get the pirate part, but close enough!) After having been together for 14 years and raising three kids together, they wanted something completely unique and memorable – which I’d say they wholeheartedly achieved!

After meeting them for the first time at the crack of dawn the morning before for a sunrise waterfront “engagement” session, I had an instant couple-crush on these two. What an amazing pair! For the 30ish friends & family who flew into town with them, they set up a city-wide scavenger hunt with the goal being to ultimately discover their hidden engagement rings and ceremony location. No one had any clue what was in store! After they’d had a thoroughly competitive afternoon running all over town, I met up with the group at Whatcom Falls Park where they had to find one final clue leading to the ceremony site. After some tear-jerker vows cliffside, the two jumped off the waterfall to seal the deal – and then led their group to the Cruise Terminal, where the Schooner Zodiak was waiting to whisk them away on a sunset cruise.

Russell & Casssandra, you are not only an incredible match for each other, but you are a breath of creative fresh air to the world around you. Congratulations again, and I wish you all the happiest things!

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