Josh + Emily | Lynden Home Wedding

Joyful, humble, purposeful, dedicated, adventurous, easygoing; the first of many words that come to mind when I think about Josh and Emily. This couple is positively, literally a perfect match made in heaven. The complete adoration they have for each other is inspiring and as a pair, they spark tangible joy wherever they are. Josh & Emily hosted all their friends & family for their wedding celebration on the hottest day of the year, in the open fields of Josh’s family property – and it was awesome! Despite the extreme heat and sweat pouring from every edifice, there was nothing that could dampen the love and excitement that everyone has for these two. Directly after their ceremony, they walked alone down to the nearby creek and washed each other’s feet as their first act together as a married couple; even from the short time I’ve gotten to spend with them, it’s obvious that such joyful servanthood defines who they are. I tell you what; life isn’t easy around every curve, but when you have a partnership like Josh & Emily, you will be able to withstand anything.

Surrounded by cream and white flowers and rustic decor, infused with a feeling of excitement, this day couldn’t have been more beautiful (well, maybe minus a little sweat). I’m so happy for these two as they start their new adventure!

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