The Carlsons {Hovander Park Family Photography}

“It would be so easy to forget to love this life; to just go through the motions, doing what needs to be done, as if it’s all going to last forever. And I remind myself: the life that we have right here, right now, is the BEST life there is.”
-Katrina Kenison

Zachary Alan {Lifestyle Newborn Photography}

New life. It’s just amazing, it’s it? Those tiny little toes, minuscule fingernails, poochy lips and big, bright eyes. Taking everything in as brand new information. Screams and coos and giggles and smiles… you could just sit and stare at him for hours. Mom and Dad have a love for elephants… this one was in…

Baby Morris {Bellingham Maternity Photography}

The baby is coming, the baby is coming!! At least that’s what I imagine Dexter is yelling as he runs across the field. 😉 In just a few short weeks, Katie & Brandon will be parents, and he will be a big furry brother! I got to hang out with the three of them on…

Sara Kinley {In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography}

Sara was born just a week after we did maternity photos with her parents, Matt & Tammy. I got to meet her just a short two weeks later, and I have to tell you, there is only one other baby I’ve ever met who was as easy and happy as Sara. I love her to…

Baby Sanchez {Whatcom Falls Bellingham Maternity Photography}

Baby girl will be here any day, and I was honored to photograph the last memories of beautiful Tammy’s pregnancy. We went to Whatcom Falls, which was one of her favorite places while living in Bellingham, and she was a trooper hiking all over the place! I can’t wait to meet their new little one…

Ari Anthony {In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography}

My dear friends have added a second love to their family: baby Ari. I had the immense privilege of documenting this beautiful little boy; who, by the way, is the EASIEST baby I have ever laid eyes on. Seriously, he’ll sleep through anything.       

Nathaniel James {In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography}

Baby Nate is here!! And he is aDORable!! Kev & I drove down to meet Nate for his newborn photos and I have to tell you, I fell in love. Also, Nate… you have the coolest parents ever, buddy. I love this little family!

Eleanor Lee {Seattle Newborn Photography}

My best friend delivered my future son’s future wife a few weeks ago 😉 and I was able to go over and sneak a few pictures of her today. What a beautiful baby!

And Baby makes FOUR {Bellingham Maternity Photography}

Lindsay and I are due date buddies; we’re on a race to see who will come first, her daughter or our son! 😀 For now, though, I got to hang out with them on their farm and capture this short time in their family’s life as they await the arrival of the newest addition. Lincoln…

Little Rambos {Bellingham Newborn Photography}

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted anything, so it’s about time I got my act together!! I was SOO excited to photograph this new little family when their tiny bundles arrived in late December; Micah & Kristi are adorable new parents and the cuteness of their tiny twins is completely unbearable. Just look at them!!

Kinley Irene {Bellingham Newborn Photography}

Gorgeous Kinley has graced the world with her presence, and I had the honor of meeting her today. Those eyes will just kill you… and just look at those cheeks! I could eat her up. 🙂

Baby Darrah {Bellingham Maternity Photography}

I love love LOVE getting to pop back into the lives of our wedding couples as they start having babies; Jen and Mike got married in 2010 and I cannot wait to meet their new son in a few short weeks! She’s actually due the same week that I am, so we’ll have a race…

Kate & Family {Bellingham Maternity Photography}

My friend Kate is having her second baby in just a few weeks, and I got to meet up with her for a few pictures last week. She looks so amazing! This is one of the sweetest families you’ll ever meet – little Corlan will melt your heart pretty much in the first three seconds…

Baby Jane {bellingham infant photography}

Baby Jane, Baby Jane!! Most adorable child in the world. Our friends Kevin & Marie welcomed their first daughter at Christmastime, and in February we got together to officially introduce her to the world. 🙂 How CUTE are they?? Feel free to tell them so!

An Open Letter of Encouragement

Dear Blog, You’ve been so neglected. I’m very sorry. I know I’ve promised you posts and haven’t come through yet. Just hang on a little bit longer, and oodles of fabulous beautiful people will grace your pages. Don’t loose hope! I swear I’ve got weddings, engagements, seniors, babies & families waiting to be fixed up…

Owen David {Kirkland Infant Photography}

My wonderful friends Mary Frances & Josh have just had their firstborn – meet Owen David King! I brought my camera along for a long-overdue hangout day with Mary Frances and took a few shots with Owen and his proud parents. Unfortunately, by the time the camera came out, Owen seemed to have run out…

Jen & Baby {Bellingham Maternity Photography}

My friend Jen is due with her first child at the end of September, so last week she & I headed out to capture some maternity images before she pops. 😉 It was a blast! It was absolutely the perfect overcast day, with just enough wind that no one was out at the park –…

Sawyer Johan {Bellingham Infant Photography}

Meet Sawyer, the newest member of the Curtis family. What a doll! He was such a good sport having a camera in his face for two hours. What an introduction to modeling after only two weeks of life! 😉 His sisters (Katura & Bergen – I love their names!!) were both complete hams and couldn’t…


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