Zachary Alan {Lifestyle Newborn Photography}

New life. It’s just amazing, it’s it? Those tiny little toes, minuscule fingernails, poochy lips and big, bright eyes. Taking everything in as brand new information. Screams and coos and giggles and smiles… you could just sit and stare at him for hours.

ZachBlog_0001aZachBlog_0001dMom and Dad have a love for elephants… this one was in the delivery room for Zach’s entry into the world, watching and waiting for the little miracle to finally arrive.
The love of a mother and son is deep, built in a moment to span an entire lifetime.
He will always look up to his daddy, no matter how tall he grows.ZachBlog_0003ZachBlog_0004
Zach’s grandma spent months hand-painting every wall of his nursery to be a jungle theme, complete with curious monkeys, sweet giraffes and of course watchful elephants. ZachBlog_0005
A sleeping baby is the sweetest, most intoxicating creature on the planet.ZachBlog_0013ZachBlog_0014ZachBlog_0017

This new family of three is off & running, with a new lifestyle and plenty of new joys to discover. Live your story.

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