Alice Turns One {Bellingham Child Photography}

“I knew who I was this morning… but I’ve changed a few times since then.”
-Alice in Wonderland

Doesn’t it feel that way when you wake up and realize it’s your brand new baby girl’s FIRST BIRTHDAY?? Adorable Alice has already made a year’s worth of changes since her initial debut onto the planet and I cannot believe how cheeky happy this child is. She was all smiles in the midst of her adoring crowd this weekend, and rocked all FOUR party outfits Mom couldn’t resist buying her (actually she loved the costume changes – watch out for the teen years, Dad’s credit card!!)

I think my most favorite, melt-your-heart images are sweet kiddos making their mothers laugh. I just can’t even. AliceBLOG_0003AliceBLOG_0004
Beautiful sister princesses, surveying their domain!AliceBLOG_0006AliceBLOG_0007AliceBLOG_0008
Alice channels a little Wonderland magic…
“Actually, the best gift you could have ever given her was a lifetime of adventures.”
-Lewis Carroll, Alice in WonderlandAliceREBLOG_0001AliceREBLOG_0002AliceREBLOG_0003AliceREBLOG_0004
Nana really outdid herself on the Wonderland party decor.AliceBLOG_0013AliceBLOG_0011AliceBLOG_0012AliceBLOG_0014AliceREBLOG_0005AliceREBLOG_0006AliceREBLOG_0007AliceREBLOG_0008
Alice didn’t need much prompting – she knew exactly what to do with that cake!!AliceBLOG_0018What a beautiful happy family. I love you guys!

“How long is forever? Sometimes just one second.”
-Alice in Wonderland

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