John & Katie {Wandering Waters Wedding Photography}

Simple, intimate, DIY, friends & family & fun – that describes this laid-back country wedding to a T. Katie wore a scrap of her father’s suit in the shape of a heart on her dress; John made the groomsmen’s boutonnières out of antlers from deer that he’d hunted; and when the two of them opened their gifts to each other, they discovered they’d inadvertently gotten each other the exact same thing! Talk about a perfect couple. After exchanging vows at Wandering Waters against a breathtaking backdrop of open fields and misty blue skies (okay, we all know it was smoke, but “misty” is just so much more romantic), John & Katie served their families the best roast beef that they could find in the state. They then moved the party to the much larger Deming Log Show grange hall, where everyone was ready to party – all night long!

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