Zachary {Bellingham Senior Portraits}

Back in 2010, Kevin & I got to photograph Zachary’s sister Rachel for her senior portraits; this year, it’s Zachary’s turn and I got to hang out with him for an afternoon as his personal paparazzi. 😉 Boulevard is always awesome, and this afternoon was no exception. I had a blast getting to know Zach…

Erick {seattle senior portrait photography}

The same day that we got to hang out with Josh, we also go to follow his friend Erick around for HIS senior portraits. It was really fun seeing how two completely different personalities brought out different aspects of the same space; downtown Kirkland is fabulous for both urban and natural settings!

Josh {seattle senior portrait photography}

Kevin & I had a blast back in April exploring downtown Kirkland with Josh, who was totally up for anything and everything – climbing trees, standing on dumpsters, balancing on railings over the water… whatever! 😉

Willy {bellingham senior portrait photography}

Willy wanted senior portraits that were a little different than everyone else’s – which I was excited to hear, because that’s what I love to do! He loves the water, so we headed up to Semiahmoo for his May senior session. What do YOU think?

Updates are coming soon – PROMISE!!

Just one favorite of several from yesterday’s senior session… can’t wait to blog what we’ve been up to lately! Just a few more weeks of crazy editing and the blog will resume with a vengance. 😉

Andrew & Icie {Seattle Wedding Photography}

Andrew & Icie put on an awesome wedding at the beach with their friends & family, complete with dancing down the aisle! It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and Icie’s pink dress was the center of attention. Kevin & I had a fabulous few hours with them & their party running around the park.

The Stremlers {Lynden Family Photography}

I love large family sessions; seeing the legacy that two people can leave on the world simply by raising their family well is so impactful. Ken & Jan (and their three daughters and their families) invited us out to their gorgeous estate in Lynden for their family portraits. You know it’s been a good session…

Jen & Baby {Bellingham Maternity Photography}

My friend Jen is due with her first child at the end of September, so last week she & I headed out to capture some maternity images before she pops. 😉 It was a blast! It was absolutely the perfect overcast day, with just enough wind that no one was out at the park –…

Mike & Jen {Snohomish Wedding Photography}

Talk about a wedding! After a five minute ceremony, Mike & Jen broke out the home brew (Mike and Jen’s dad brewed it all themselves) and the party was on. It was fantastic! Mike & Jen love to laugh and obviously are amazing hosts. Congratulations again, you two! Kevin and I had SO much fun…

The “Hancashazas” {Bellingham Family Photography}

We loved these guys. They’re the kind of people that we’re going to want to go to for parenting advice, for sure. David is not quite 4 years old (birthday in August) but the way the kid moved you’d think he was 8! He was balancing on the top of benches, running up the sides…

Joanna {Bellingham Senior Portraits}

Congratulations to Joanna, the second winner of our Senior Portrait Contest! We met up with her at Zuanich Park and ended up down on the beach… it was a fun afternoon. 🙂

Brannon & Kate {Bellingham Wedding Photography}

Brannon and Kate had the most beautiful wedding at the Blanchard Chapel. (Check out their engagement session here – we knew this wedding was going to be awesome after that!!) And Kate’s kids were the CUTEST little things I’ve ever SEEN! Augh, I just wanted to squeeze them. 😉 This was one of the most purely joyful celebrations…

Rachel {Senior Portrait Photography}

Congratulations to our first winner of the Senior Portrait Contest! Rachel is heavily involved at Ferndale High School, where she’s just about to graduate. We hung out in Fairhaven for an afternoon for her senior session, and had a blast climbing trees & discovering sweet new nooks. Rachel, you’re awesome – and gorgeous! You sure…