Baby Jane {bellingham infant photography}

Baby Jane, Baby Jane!! Most adorable child in the world. Our friends Kevin & Marie welcomed their first daughter at Christmastime, and in February we got together to officially introduce her to the world. 🙂 How CUTE are they?? Feel free to tell them so!

Jen & Baby {Bellingham Maternity Photography}

My friend Jen is due with her first child at the end of September, so last week she & I headed out to capture some maternity images before she pops. 😉 It was a blast! It was absolutely the perfect overcast day, with just enough wind that no one was out at the park –…

Sawyer Johan {Bellingham Infant Photography}

Meet Sawyer, the newest member of the Curtis family. What a doll! He was such a good sport having a camera in his face for two hours. What an introduction to modeling after only two weeks of life! 😉 His sisters (Katura & Bergen – I love their names!!) were both complete hams and couldn’t…

Richard & Diane {Bellingham Wedding Photography}

Richard & Diane were married in a beautiful private ceremony in the fireside lodge at the Chrysalis – it was like being in their living room! Their kids had front row seats on the plush green couch, and the celebration afterwards felt like a party at your best friend’s house.  

Jake & Arianne {Wedding Photography}

Jake and Arianne were officially married two years ago just before she was deployed to Iraq – but now she’s back and they can finally celebrate for real! And despite the rain (hey, we love the Northwest) a celebration it was. By the time we were able to tear them away from the party to…