Jon + Bridget {Sudden Valley Dance Barn Wedding}

If there are two more sincere, gentle, all-inclusive, centered and open┬ápeople on the face of this┬áplanet than Jon & Bridget, I have not met them. Strong,intelligent, creative people who have weathered much and adventured all over the world, they knew each other in high school but the sparks didn’t fly until years later when their…

Zach + Brittany {Hotel Bellweather Wedding Photography}

What an amazing day, with an amazing couple. First of all, thunderstorms the night before got all the bad weather out of the way so we had gorgeous clear skies the morning of Zach & Brittany’s wedding. In her breathtaking mermaid dress, Brittany stole the show; she and Zach giggled all day like adorable lovebirds….