Baby Darrah {Bellingham Maternity Photography}

I love love LOVE getting to pop back into the lives of our wedding couples as they start having babies; Jen and Mike got married in 2010 and I cannot wait to meet their new son in a few short weeks! She’s actually due the same week that I am, so we’ll have a race for the finish line. Have you ever seen a more beautiful mother-to-be??

DarrahBlog_0001 DarrahBlog_0002 DarrahBlog_0003 DarrahBlog_0004 DarrahBlog_0005 DarrahBlog_0006 DarrahBlog_0007 DarrahBlog_0008 DarrahBlog_0009 DarrahBlog_0010 DarrahBlog_0011 DarrahBlog_0012 DarrahBlog_0013 DarrahBlog_0014 DarrahBlog_0015 DarrahBlog_0016 DarrahBlog_0017 DarrahBlog_0018

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