Ross & Emily {Seattle Wedding Photography}

After their soggy engagement session, Ross & Emily deserved a beautiful day for their July wedding – and they got it. However, they had something else to overcome: massive food poisoning. Yep. Three days before, Ross & his best man had gotten violently sick from some bad fast food… and they stayed sick. When Kevin & I arrived to meet up with them at Occidental Park, the best man was still MIA and not sure he could make it at all; as of that morning he was on day four of fever, chills & and vomiting.Ugh.

Let me tell you – this was the most impressive groom & groomsman we’ve encountered yet.

In spite of being clearly miserable, neither Ross nor his best man complained to us about anything. Skin tone a bit paler than normal, they propped themselves up and soldiered on all day long, guzzling Gatorade and Pedialite and munching saltines. And instead of giving in to what could have easily been a day-ruiner, this wedding was a beautiful success! Set at Ross & Emily’s favorite restaurant (Portage Bay Cafe) and decorated simply with arrays of dainty purple flowers, the food was divine and the company delightful. Everyone had a grand time, no one vomited all day (I think), and by the end of the night the new Mr and Mrs were off to celebrate & recover on their honeymoon. 🙂

This is how the poor guys ACTUALLY felt.

They put on a pretty good face, yeah? 😉

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