Luke & Jessica {Vancounver BC Wedding Photographer}

Well… I think I broke my record for the most indecisive wedding blog post ever. I just LOVED Luke & Jess’ wedding so much that it was hard to weed out images to not post! They got married on my birthday, July 1st – which also happens to be Canada Day (significant since it was a Canadian wedding), and included an awesome fireworks show at the end of the night. Her “forest fairytale” theme was simply to die for – the reception tent was dripping with chandeliers, white flowers and burlap, and the ceremony site was set on a grassy hill overlooking a breathtaking mountain range. Combine that vintage elegance with the bride and groom’s carefree, goofy personalities… and you literally have the wedding of the century.

Oh yeah, and I forget one detail.

The groom surprised all the guests and flew into the ceremony via helicopter – as “Danger Zone” blasted across the yard.


Here comes the groom…!

This was great. There was a set of dice up front, and if a guest wanted the bride & groom to kiss, they had to roll the dice to determine what kind of kiss it would be. This one rolled a “kiss like your ship is going down”…….

…..which they managed pretty darn well!

A twist on the typical “shoe game.” Instead of taking one of each shoe to answer the questions, their MC friend gave them something that represented what they liked to do. For Luke, hunting… for Jess, shopping. ;D

What’s Canada Day without fireworks?? To finish off the night, they hired a professional team to put on an awesome show.

Well done, guys!

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