Introducing Ayelech! {Bellingham Family Photography}

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post… things are crazy around here!! I have a TON of stuff for you to see from the last couple of months! But first, a very important accouncement….

Ayelech Hope Elaine Bushnell is home!  

We love this family so much. The Bushnells are a remarkable family, and they’ve just added another member – Aya. Two years ago, they welcomed Kenzie and BJ into their family from Ethiopia, and two weeks ago they were able to bring home their now oldest daughter Ayelech. With a family of seven, it’s go go go… and our shoot yesterday was NO exception! 😉

(PS… check out the last two years of pictures and see how this amazing family has grown… 2008 and 2009.)


I can’t really take credit for this next image. 😉 After we’d been running all over Hovander for an hour… they were apparently a little tired.

Back at their house after the shoot, we were goofing around and Kenzie wanted to show me her mad camera skills. I have a protegé! 😉

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