Brannon & Kate {Bellingham Wedding Photography}

Brannon and Kate had the most beautiful wedding at the Blanchard Chapel. (Check out their engagement session here – we knew this wedding was going to be awesome after that!!) And Kate’s kids were the CUTEST little things I’ve ever SEEN! Augh, I just wanted to squeeze them. 😉 This was one of the most purely joyful celebrations we’ve had the privilege of being involved in. They are the perfect match with a wonderful life ahead of them. Congratulations to your new family!

As we were taking some family pictures, the little girl squirmed to get down, marched right over to me and announced, “Take pictures of ME!” LOL! Yes ma’am!

I couldn’t believe the look of awe in his little eyes for his mama as she walked down the aisle. 🙂

Kate made the wedding cakes herself!

This poor little girl was teething and had an ear infection – and you could still get her to giggle through her tears!

Kevin got a fantastic sequence of Kate’s son here, chowing down on his delicious wedding cake.

After the reception, Kate took us & Brannon to her work at Pacar, where they were having a giant open house. We climbed around the big trucks, and oogled at sweet old vintage ones… it was the most unique wedding experience we’ve had so far!

An infrared machine. 🙂 We had to! They even let me take pictures in a “no pictures please” area… proving again that a woman in a wedding dress can get pretty much whatever she wants. 😉

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