Jake & Arianne {Wedding Photography}

Jake and Arianne were officially married two years ago just before she was deployed to Iraq – but now she’s back and they can finally celebrate for real! And despite the rain (hey, we love the Northwest) a celebration it was. By the time we were able to tear them away from the party to take some pictures, it was raining way too hard to go outside and the only place we had was the kitchen downstairs… but hey, when you have lemons, make delicious lemonade! 🙂 We all had a blast.

Yep… this is how she was transported from the hotel to the ceremony site. 😉 The dress was worth it!

Jake runs an auto racing maintenance & custom build shop – Arianne surprised him with his own special grooms cake.

Oh yes it is! 😀 Bride and groom had a “first game” right before the first dance – Drink Pong! (PG… there were children present.)

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