Ben & Alyssa {Engagement Photography}

We hung out with Ben & Alyssa last Saturday for their engagement session… what a GORGEOUS day… for a gorgeous couple. 🙂 We started out at Boulevard but quickly ditched the crowds (man, Bellinghamers come out of the woodwork when that bright yellow orb makes its yearly appearance) and headed over to Fairhaven to finish up down by the Ferry Terminal. They’ve been together for eight years and it’s so obvious that they were meant for each other. I love working with couples that are such good friends with each other. We had a blast all afternoon! We’re stoked for their wedding in October… 10/10/10, baby!

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  1. Alyssa Lee says:

    Wow! These pictures are beautiful 🙂 When my day comes, i’d totally want you to be there!~ But that’s a ways to go ! You have talent!

    1. Alyssa Lee says:

      Well, The photographer has talent lol, i didn’t realize that you might not be the photographer hahaa. I’m not sure, but still beautiful 😀

  2. Karlyn Beth says:

    Thanks, Alyssa! Kevin & I were both the photographers – and are for everything that Anda does. 🙂 We’ll definitely still be around when your day comes!! 😉

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