Sean & Celeste: the Wedding!

Sean & Celeste were married in the most charming venue in Seattle: The Sorrento Hotel. It was the first time that Kevin & I had been there, and we LOVED it. It was just so perfect for this couple – chic and charming, them to a T.  (See their engagement session here)

Celeste wore her mother’s rings on her right hand the whole day.

The last minute Facebook post: “T minus 6 minutes and counting!” 😀

The view from the balcony was AMAZING.

This was their guest book: everyone wrote a note on a little rock and placed it beneath the little baby tree, and Sean & Celeste are going to plant the tree on their property with the rocks around it.

This was from Sean’s son. 🙂

This kid was awesome, he was taking pictures the whole time.

As they got ready to sign the marriage license, Sean’s son pipes up and asks, “Where do I get to sign?” 🙂 So he got to officially approve of the marriage, too.

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